Our tidal and wave generator is more accurately classified as a point absorber among the so-called Wave Energy Converters (WEC).

Seeking a single word to define the ES-Wave, we may use FLEXIBILITY.

Our ES-Wave device can harness unprecedented levels of energy and its portability allows it to be sitting in different locations. As such, it can be considered a gem.

It is also a bi-functional machine. This allows the ES-Wave to work as a generator by converting the reciprocating heave of waves into electrical energy or using electrical energy to be self-jacked up.

Using the tidal range, the machine can potentially deliver to the Energy provider (usually the National Grid) even more energy than what was absorbed from it.

This can also be considered a gem.

The name of our ES-Wave device should therefore have two gems mentioned in order to highlight these features: E for emerald and S for sapphire and this gave us an ES starting point for the name..

Why an emerald?

Our ES-Wave does not have a neutral but a positive impact on the environment.

Its impact would be neutral if we only considered the fact that the machinery is enclosed in an insulated box which protects the fauna from noises, has gratings for the safeguard of wildlife, and uses an environmentally friendly fluid that will not cause any damage in case of spillage.

The positive impact comes from the fact that the ES-Wave device is like an island in the middle of the ocean, representing an opportunity for tired fishing birds to rest. Potentially, it could even constitute a nesting point for marine birds to breed.

With all of this, the emerald was chosen because it is a green jewel. It is as green as the energy that our ES-Wave is capable of producing.

Why a sapphire?

The other jewel comes from the ability to deal with the ocean in a manner that protects the asset in all weather conditions because gems need to be protected. The jacking-up feature and the portability of the tool will look after the gem under rough sea conditions.

With all this, the selected gem was the deep blue sapphire which clearly represents the power of the deep ocean.

The essential source that makes the generator work, which is the waves, should also be mentioned. Hence the full name ES-Wave.