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Know our Value Propositions

The TWEFDA Hub has many potential uses, such as:

o Aquaculture cages housed under and around the platforms
o Power station
o Water Desalination
o Environmental station
o Connection point for macro ring for intercontinental energy trade
o Integrated Energy Management and Control providing flexibility in a collaborative scheme.
o Rented offshore R&D facility contractual agreements.
o Hydrogen refuelling terminals without accessing harbours.
o SPV2 or Special Purpose Vehicle is a company created to manufacture special components
that are not only part of the ESWave but part of other projects TWEFDA Limited is curating.

TWEFDA Association

In a TWEFDA Association 6 ES-Waves will be satellite of a central facility we call the TWEFDA Hub, which is typically a repurposed O&G platform but can also be a brand new construction or installed onshore (typically in harbours).

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The ESWave

Our main product is called the ES-Wave.

This is basically a buoyant structure vertically anchored to the seabed that harnesses the relative motion between the steady seabed
and the oscillating sea surface. As such, it is technically called a point absorber among the so
called WEC (Wave Energy Converters).

To understand the concept a little bit better, let’s say that we can compare the device with an inverted internal combustion engine where, instead of having a steady block of cylinders, and
pistons reciprocating inside it, we have pistons anchored to the seabed and a reciprocating block
of cylinders that moves with the energy conveyed by the waves.

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Other generators offshore

An external floating solar/wind/wave farm or any other device can provide power to the

The TWEFDA Hub (is/can be) also connected to the electrical grid, to O&G platforms or to other
consumers offshore.

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