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Other generators offshore

An external floating solar/wind/wave farm or any other device can provide power to the

The TWEFDA Hub (is/can be) also connected to the electrical grid, to O&G platforms or to other
consumers offshore.

Other generators offshore

Once all the capacity of the system is taken and the TWEFDA Association cannot store any more
energy (the 6 ESWaves in storage mode can provide a total of 12 MWh), one of the 3 following
envisaged business can start.
 A hydrolyser can start producing hydrogen storing it locally or exporting it to shore,
potentially using the repurposed O&G pipeline.
 A desalination facility can start operating and exporting still water to shore – This value
proposition is of extreme importance in a context where weather is worsening each year
and a flooding can cause scarcity of still water onshore – The average power of the
TWEFDA Association is 30 MW.
 A CCS can start working – once the CCS technology is mature enough – to store carbon.
Once again, the existing pipeline could be used for any of the purposes mentioned before.
In this case, the existing well can also operate as a reservoir to store the carbon, if there is
no utilization for such by-product.

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