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About Us

TWEFDA – Scottish company developing both, a new and revolutionary way of generating electricity from waves, and energy storage including other assets in the ocean. The storage will be delivered to the National Grid increased thanks to the tidal range. With its combined functionality it will also be able to provide a continuous production (24/7) of totally ecological energy.


What We Do

TWEFDA stands for Tidal and Wave Energy From Decommissionable Assets. We are developing an Energy Device with dual functionalities, addressing the 2 biggest challenges the Energy Market is facing right now. With a single device, we will be capable of economically decommissioning aged offshore oil & gas assets after their end of economic recovery.

In line with the 17 UN Sustainable goals, our vision is to make a major contribution to solving our collective environmental challenges, by revolutionising the generation of renewable energy globally. 


We aim to be a more affordable and environmentally focused group. By storing large amounts of energy we will be addressing two of the biggest challenges the energy industry has. In order to allow our children and the future generations to enjoy a secure and positive future.

Our Vision 


Interview with 


Inspired by the Clean Energy Transition Partnership, an ETC would be an energy company with knowledge and capabilities in the different aspects required to transition from a polluted black

oil-based economy into a clean green sustainable circular economy based on renewables of any kind.


Activities for an ETC may include, apart from any renewable energy to any form of carbon capture or hydrogen production but also others such as the integrated in an ESCO (Energy Service Company). However, the ETC is a global concept that can deal with several of those disciplines simultaneously.



Unlocking Ambition is delivered by Scottish Enterprise in partnership with Scotland CAN DO - working together to bring intensive wrap-around support for our most promising entrepreneurs. The Programme is for founders who can demonstrate their ideas are scalable, able to create good jobs and benefit society, supporting Scotland’s green economy ambition.

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