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TWEFDA – TWEFDA is reimagining the renewable energy sector with a business that places Planet and People at its core, underlining what truly matters to our society. We're bringing together all stakeholders in a cooperative project, fostering a sustainable ecosystem where marine wildlife can flourish. With our device that manipulates Weight Changing Energy, we're transforming energy generation and storage on demand, bringing the potential to revolutionize the entire Marine Renewable Energy sector. Our all-in-one solution comprises four machines working together, housed within an Energy Management and Control environment, promising dynamic flexibility within a collaborative framework.

At TWEFDA, we're making waves in the renewable energy industry by putting People and the Planet ahead of Profit, resonating with society's key concerns. Our project is a collaborative venture that welcomes all stakeholders, creating a sustainable ecosystem for marine wildlife to prosper.


Interview with
Dr Brenda Hector
Action COACH

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Inspired by the Clean Energy Transition Partnership, an ETC would be an energy company with knowledge and capabilities in the different aspects required to transition from a polluted black

oil-based economy into a clean green sustainable circular economy based on renewables of any kind.


Activities for an ETC may include, apart from any renewable energy to any form of carbon capture or hydrogen production but also others such as the integrated in an ESCO (Energy Service Company). However, the ETC is a global concept that can deal with several of those disciplines simultaneously.



Our Trajectory to date

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