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With a financial forecast of £1B in 5½ years, TWEFDA is committed to delivering an optimal and sustainable long-term return to our investors.

Our tool brings 4 machines in one single piece of hardware.


Every machine belongs to a market. By 2028, the Global Wave and Tide Energy Market is projected to £9B, the Energy Storage market to £357B. The combination of more than one market is a market in its own rights, This is the flexibility market and, as mentioned by Andrew Lever from the Carbon Trust in this video report, investing in flexibility is a 'no regrets' decision worth £16.7B/year across all the scenarios analysed for 2050, just in the UK.

We’re in open and continuous dialogue with the financial-market community aimed at promoting an understanding of our business and the value we create.

For IR and business requests, please contact us.

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