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This Scottish company is developing a revolutionary new way of generating unprecedented levels of energy. This will come from waves and will store large amounts of energy in the greenest way possible in the National Grid. With the use of the tidal range, we have a potential to deliver more energy.


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Our Vision

In line with the 17 UN Sustainable goals, our vision is to make a major contribution to solving our collective environmental challenges, by revolutionising the generation of renewable energy globally. 


We aim to be a more affordable and environmentally focused group. By storing large amounts of energy we will be addressing two of the biggest challenges the energy industry has. In order to allow our children and the future generations to enjoy a secure and positive future.

Next Milestones 


Extremely focussed in working sustainably, after July 2021 and within 2 years,  TWEFDA Ltd aims to create a team, to build a prototype for proof of concept  and generate all the technical knowledge required to fully design a prototype for testing.

This, among others, includes collaborating with Centres of Excellence, analysing size to optimise performance whilst consciously designing all the components for an outstanding environmental and social contribution.