TWEFDA – A Scottish company developing a revolutionary new way of generating electricity from waves and storing energy from the National Grid and the tidal range. Our work will provide a unique system that provides renewable energy and enables even loading for the national grid.

What it means for Scotland

Our vision

Our vision is to make a major contribution to solving our collective environmental challenges by revolutionising the generation of renewable energy globally, making it more affordable and significantly more environmentally benign and storing large amounts of energy addressing two of the biggest challenges the energy industry has, so our children and future generations of all beings can enjoy a secure and positive future.


TWEFDA Ltd is looking for a way to build a prototype for proof of concept but also a CFD (Computerised Fluid Dynamic) and an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) in order to understand the interactions of all the components in the system.

There is no other device in the renewable energy market capable of being working on a 24/7 basis generating two revenue streams and you have the chance to be part of this excellent opportunity in a moment where both producing renewable energy and storing/releasing energy is more important than ever.

Fund our project!

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We are actively seeking partners to make our vision a reality at a speed commensurate with the urgency demanded by the existential crisis confronting us all – itself a consequence of global warming caused largely by existing forms of energy production and consumption.

We particularly welcome support towards the costs of testing, trialing and bringing our device to the market at the speed necessitated by our collective challenges.

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