• Increase Profit: The ES-Wave can potentially be utilised in existing and new oil platforms to increase a platform's profitability, drive down decommissioning costs and provide an opportunity for diversification into the generation of renewable energy with existing assets.

  • Escape Routes: A ES-Wave powering an O&G platform can potentially be used as a shelter during an operational disaster, such as Piper Alpha. The O&G platform's crew can reach the ES-Wave and access to Deck 01 where they will be completely safe.

  • Repurposing Assets: Decommissionable assets such as Jackets can be used to house a Renewable Energy Hub which has incredible economic repercussions. Furthermore, the existing pipelines are connecting these places and onshore facilities which mean that the Renewable Energy Hub can have a Hydrogen plant and the existing pipelines can be utilised to export the hydrogen production balancing the energy in the National Grid.

  • Backing up and decarbonising energy supply operations offshore.