Value propositions for the TWEFDA WEC (Wave Energy Converter)

The most important Value Proposition the device has is its working strategy which potentially allows the device to be working on a 24/7 basis.

The value propositions have been classified in different sections:

An Intellectual Property (IP) Audit has confirmed the technology behind our invention is unique, and we have filed for a patent, which is pending.

Our device can contribute to the generation of renewable energy by offering decisive advantages over wind turbines, such as:

    • Reductions in generation costs
    • Massively greater output
    • Reliability of supply
    • Almost no intermittency
    • Greater installation density
    • Major cost advantages:
      • Lower capital costs (CAPEX)
      • More economical operating costs (OPEX)
      • Reduced connectivity costs
      • Smaller installation and maintenance costs
    • Installable on existing infrastructure such as rigs, as well as independently
    • Simpler and faster to transport, install and maintain
    • Movable and relocatable, quickly, easily and economically
    • More environmentally benign
    • Negligible visual intrusion
    • Planning approval simplified by the elimination of most grounds for objection

A key design element is the repurposing of existing structures used in oil and gas extraction, such as jackets or pipelines, which contributes to a circular economy and reduces the ecological and carbon footprints of new electric generating installations.


All these advantages, together with the complete value propositions of the TWEFDA WEC (Wave Energy Converter), suggest that the time has come to consider a new actor in the generation and storage of renewable electricity.

We welcome approaches from all quarters interested in bringing the TWEFDA Wave Energy Converter to commercial deployment as a matter of urgency, be they engineers, backers, manufacturers, energy producers or suppliers.